Universal Apps for Windows Store/Windows Phone Apps

Hi there,

I’m well aware that Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 Release Candidate is available for a few days now.
It introduced long awaited Universal Apps feature to simplify code sharing between projects of different .NET flavors.

I have not really had a time to take a closer look on how it works. But from what I know so far, my time estimate is a week for Lex.DB to support Universal Apps via Nuget.

Stay tuned,
Viva .NET!

8 thoughts on “Universal Apps for Windows Store/Windows Phone Apps”

  1. You are doing a great job! Thank you.
    Cant wait for universal app support. Just changed my project from sqlite to lex.db but I can’t build the phone version of my app.

  2. Create a new Portable Class Library targetting Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with compilation symbol NETFX_CORE and add all files. Done in less than 5 minutes.

  3. When will there be full support for Windows Universal Apps? It works in my Windows project, but the nuget package is not installable for the Windows Phone project.

    If full support takes a while is there a work around that makes me able to still use it (limited use is better than no use)?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hi Alex…

    I have the following:

    – 1 portable project (entities)
    – 1 portable project (services) : this project has a reference to LexDb.
    – 1 WP8.1 Silverlight project that use Services and Entities projects.

    If I not add reference LexDb in this project, when I try to Initialze, LexDb throw NullReferenceException becouse portable reference not initialize shema (ok). If I reference LexDb in WP8.1 SL, all work Ok

    – I have 1 Runtime component (BackgroundTask – Windows Phone 8.1) with refereces to Services and Entities

    Again, if I not add reference to LexDb. Throw NullReferenceException when I run WP 8.1 SL app. But, if I add reference to LexDb in Runtime Component, then throw FileNotFoundException… Always in Initialize method of LexDb

    at Lex.Db.OSDirectory.Exists(String path)
    at Lex.Db.FileSystem.DbSchemaStorage.Open()
    at Lex.Db.DbInstance.Initialize()

    Any idea? 🙁 What I can be doing wrong?

  5. I fix my problem…

    I reference LexDb for WinPhone81 (not WinPhoneRT81) in runtime component and change DbStorage.OpenSchema:

    // Removed: return new IsolatedStorage.DbSchemaStorage(_storage, path);
    if (root == null)
    root = Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.Path;

    return new FileSystem.DbSchemaStorage(Path.Combine(root, path));

    LexDb work fine in Runtime component and in WP81 SL app

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